• The Conversant Labs Journey

    Making Tech More Accessible For the Visually Impaired, and More Useful For Everyone


    From Founder and CEO, Chris Maury: "For us, it’s about making smartphones and apps more accessible right now, while looking toward the future, because what we’re creating is also a meaningful experience for sighted users. As devices become wearable, as everything comes online, the conversational experience becomes more important. Right now the need for this technology is much stronger in the blind community, but we’re perfecting the experience that everyone will use to interact with their wearables, their cars, and even in their homes."

    There's an ArtMap For That

    We are excited to back up a team of talented developers with a clear vision for not only bringing relevant and viable products to market, but making a difference in the lives of he blind as well. Our job is to make sure everyone else is as excited as we are.


    We developed their content marketing strategy and built the Conversant Labs blog. We built an audience on social media and leveraged it into customers and followers of the company. It's likewise always imperative that we take advantage of a wide array of media and publications that have large audiences who would have an interest in Conversant Labs.


  • Public Relations

    Spreading the Word About Conversant Labs

    Conversant Labs' Quest To Make Smartphone Apps Usable For The Visually Impaired

    FAST COMPANY Startup Report - 4/30/2016

    "Far from being a tool just for the visually impaired, Maury sees developing audio assistance tech as contributing to a tech future we’re already headed toward, one in which Siri-style assistants help with every request."

    We’re on the Brink of a Revolution in Crazy-Smart Digital Assistants


    WIRED Gear - 9/16/2015

    "So he set out to redeem technology for blind people. Maury founded a company, Conversant Labs, in the hope of building apps and services that put audio first. Conversant’s first product is an iPhone app called SayShopping, which offers a way to buy stuff from Target.com purely through speech."

    My Journey From Blindness to Building a Fully Conversational User Interface

    BACKCHANNEL War Stories - 3/2/2016

    "Imagine your grandmother using email or Facebook. Now imagine her navigating those websites just by using the keyboard. It’s a scary thought for anyone to have to rely on this software to gain access to the apps and services we’ve come to use on a daily basis. I wouldn’t want that for anyone else. And I didn’t want it for myself. So, I set out to build something better. How modest, right?"

    Social Impact. Market Relevance: The Dual-Threat of Conversational UI

    USABILITY GEEK - 2/8/2016

    "GUI made perfect sense when our computers were stationary, when they sat on desks and didn’t ride along in our pockets, and their functions were limited to basic computing, communication, and work. Things are different now. Indeed, comparing modern smartphones and laptops to the original desktops for which the GUI was developed and refined is like comparing a Tesla Roadster to a 1 horsepower wagon,"

  • Podcasts

    The Way to Customers Hearts is Through Their Headphones

    Chris Maury's race to make the internet accessible for visually impaired

    Control Z - 5/10/2016

    "Mr Maury said as time went by and he lost more of his vision, he had been working harder to finish the huge list of jobs he felt needed to be done.

    He runs accessibility meet-ups and advocacy groups, as well as a business, all as he adapts to a new way of experiencing the world."

    Chris Maury on voice-first design

    Design Podcast - 6/09/2016

    "Throughout this entire process, I started looking at the tools and the technologies that were available to the blind community to use, or the tools that I would be using to maintain my standard of living and keep being productive, and was really disappointed with the quality of those tools. I set out to try and build a better experience. That's what got us started with Conversant Labs."​

  • Content

    A Sample of Our Work From the Conversant Labs Blog

    Full Circle: Accessing Future Tech Will Require One of Our Most Ancient Skills


    "[Conversational Tech] represents one of the fiercest competitions in modern tech. Amazon Alexa, Google Now, and Apple’s familiar Siri are all making significant developments in the space, and while their unreliability - and occasional ineffectiveness - may feel like a half-measure, they are clear indicators of where we are headed."

    How Interfaces Drive The Rise & Fall of Technology Companies


    "Much of the boom and bust of greatest technology companies can be mapped to the evolution of interfaces. When Xerox management team invited the 24 year old Steve Jobs to the HQ, he saw the graphical user interface (GUI) for the first time. “I thought it was the best thing I had ever seen in my life,” said Steve Jobs. “Within 10 minutes it was obvious to me that all computers would work like this someday.”"

    Inside Facebook's AI for the Blind & What That Means For Your App


    "Intelligence is more than the amount of knowledge stored or the scope of facts someone or something is able to acquire - intelligence is the ability to learn, to come upon something new and draw on past experience and knowledge to make a decision. Facebook’s accessibility team has been working on technology that can do just that."

    10 Ways Conversational UI Will Change the Way 

    We Live


    "While it’s difficult - and frankly, unnecessary - to imagine a future totally without GUIs, their position as the be-all and end-all user interface is coming to an end. Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) are on the cusp of becoming mainstream, and they will forever change the way we interact with our technology, and in doing so, change our lives."

  • Learn More About Conversant Labs


    The World's First Fully Conversational Shopping App

    A breakthrough in accessibility technology, SayShopping allows users - the visually impaired and otherwise - to shop online using only their voice. 

    The SayKit SDK

    Let Your Apps Speak For Themselves

    The SayKit SDK gives every developer the tools they need to let their apps speak for themselves. 

    Yes, Chef!

    Coming Soon!

    The first fully conversational cooking app, coming soon from Conversant Labs. It's the best cooking companion you've ever had!